Monday, April 6, 2015

Quiz Time - It's Their Birthday Too!

Amy quizzes Randy and Joe about people born the same day as her and/or pop culture around the time she was born.

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It's hard to do show notes without giving away answers, so don't read further if you want to play along unspoiled while listening.

  • I wasn't able to find a record of Howard Cosell appearing on the same episode of a David Frost show as John Lennon. But I'm open to correction.
  • Correction: Brenda Strong was on both the old and new versions of Dallas. She had a one episode guest spot as "Cliff's One Night Stand" on the original series and was a series regular on the newer TNT series. She did not appear on Knot's Landing. Marcia Cross appeared in seven episodes of the latter years of Knots' Landing's run.

    However, as to Joe's assertion that Cross seems too young to have been on Dallas - she's only two years younger than Strong. She's also four years younger than Dallas series regular Charlene Tilton. 
  • John Smoltz would not have been an entirely incorrect answer, except for the fact that he does not share my birthday. He has done some broadcast work for the Braves since retirement. However, Tom Glavine (who does share my birthday) has been acting as a broadcast commentator exclusively for the Braves since 2011, longer and more regularly than Smoltz.
  • Happy Days was a spin-off of Love, American Style. The live action spin-offs from Happy Days were Laverne & Shirley, Blansky's Beauties, Mork & Mindy, Out of the Blue, and Joanie Loves Chachi. The two animated spin-offs were The Fonz and the Happy Days Gang and Laverne & Shirley with Special Guest Star the Fonz.

Elton John on The Cher Show in 1974 performing "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds." THIS HAPPENED AND IT WAS GLORIOUS.

Elton John performing "Philadelphia Freedom" on Soul Train. This also happened and was only slightly less amazing than the Cher show thing.

Billie Jean King really was on a professional tennis team called "Philadelphia Freedom" 

Top: Climactic Dance Scene from "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun"
Bottom: Future Oscar and Emmy winner Helen Hunt in the same film

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