Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Episode 43 - Mothers And Daughters

As Amy starts on a road trip with her mother and since this is also Mother's Day week, Amy asked us for mother and daughter stories.  Randy went with the high-strung people in Seattle novel Where'd You Go, Bernadette, by Maria Semple [Amazon] [Goodreads] and Joseph chose the 1993 drama The Joy Luck Club  (Amazon).

Show notes

What We're Into Lately:
Amy - The latest novel from the Fugg Girls, The Royal We [Amazon] [Goodreads]

Randy - The new Alabama Shakes album, Sound And Color.

Joseph - The new monster romance Spring [Amazon] [iTunes]

  • While we discussed Jupiter Ascending and Joseph expressed his...feelings about it, Amy mentioned her disappointment at the Chicago locations not including the Harold Washington Library.  For those not familiar, here it is with its striking red walls and fantastic aluminium sculptures on the roof:

  • The actress who played Auntie Lindo in The Joy Luck Club, Tsai Chin, is also notable for her history in the Bond films.  She betrays Bond in the beginning of You Only Live Twice (1967) and is Madame Wu, one of the fellow high-stake Texas Hold Em players in Casino Royale (2006).

  • A good profile of Andrew McCarthy, travel writer, can be found in Details.
  • We didn't know about it at the time, but apparently there is a movie in the works for Bernadette which Richard Linklater is in talks to direct.  Randy thinks Julianne Moore is perfect for the part, Amy goes for Amy Aquino but Joseph has the nutty idea of Courtney Cox (but may have been watching too much Cougar Town).


  • Opening Music: Mr. T, "Treat Your Mother Right," possibly the greatest Mother's Day video ever:

  • Closing Music: Taylor Swift, "The Best Day."

Next Episode

Randy decided he wanted to do with courtroom stories for our next podcast.  For the movie, Amy went with the 2011 Matthew McConaughey vehicle The Lincoln Lawyer (sorry, not streaming anywhere but dirt cheap on Amazon).  Joseph went all meta and went with Dominick Dunne's fictionalized version of covering the OJ Simpson trial for Vanity Fair, Another City, Not My Own [Goodreads].

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