Thursday, September 29, 2016

Episode 62- Hippie on a Rocket

Joe was a little sick of dystopian science fiction (and this was even before the last Divergent movie) and asked the crew for optimistic science fiction.  Randy choose Star Trek: First Contact for the movie and Amy chose Spider & Jeanne Robinson's Stardance for the novel. 


What We're Liking Lately

Show Notes

  • Ooby Dooby - Roy Orbison

  • Dancing in Heaven (Orbital Be-bop) - Q-Feel. (As heard by many in the seminal 1980s dance movie "Girls Just Want to Have Fun" starring future Oscar winner Helen Hunt.)
  • Amy and Randy are obviously wrong about The Inner Light, one of the best Next Generation episodes [editorial comment by Joseph].
  • If you want to read far too much about Starfleet uniforms, here you go.

On the Next Show

Amy wanted body swap stories!   Sorry, none of us chose the Kirk Cameron classic Like Father Like Son.

Joseph chose the 1936 novella The Shadow Out of Time by HP Lovecraft.
Randy chose the 1984 movie All Of Me, starring Steve Martin and Lily Tomlin.
Extra credit from Randy: "The Prisoner Of Benda," season six, episode 10 of Futurama.

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