Monday, August 18, 2014

Episode 26 - The One Where We Catch The Killer

It's Mystery Week! We plumb into the shadowy figures and devilish plots behind the 1998 movie Zero Effect and the 1997 novel Garnethill

Also discussed:  Boyhood

For the next episode, Joseph chose as a theme "Alternate History." Amy chose Thomas Wheeler's The Arcanum for us to read and Randy chose Inglorious Basterds to watch. 

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Intro: Scooby Doo theme performed by Matthew Sweet

Outro: Oh Sweet Mystery Of Life, performed my Mario Lanza

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Episode 25 - Boys of Summer

Emile Hirsch, Paul Rudd, and Paul Rudd's moustache in David Gordon Green's "Prince Avalanche"
For Amy's chosen theme of "The Summer that Everything Changed," Randy and Joe went dude-centric with their choices, entirely by accident. Randy chose Stephen King's novella "The Body," the basis of the movie "Stand by Me." Joe chose David Gordon Green's 2013 film "Prince Avalanche." 

Also discussed:  Rush (The USA network show), Only Lovers Left Alive, Twin Peaks, and Guardians of the Galaxy.

For the next episode, Randy chose as a theme "Mysteries." Joe chose Denise Mina's Garnethill for us to read and Amy chose Zero Effect to watch. 

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Show Notes:

For the record, William Goldman has adapted three of Stephen King's works for the Screen: Dreamcatcher, Hearts in Atlantis, and Misery.

Raynold Gideon and Bruce A. Evans are both credited as writing the screenplay for Stand by Me.

The real life wildfires referenced by Joe are known as the Bastrop County Complex fire of 2011

Intro music by The Motels

Exit music by Explosions in the Sky and David Wingo. Explosions in the Sky not only scored the movie, they were the ones who suggested the film to Gordon Green in the first place. 

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Extra: Quiz Time 2 (First Lines)

It was the best of quizzes, it was the worst of quizzes.

Since it is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single podcast in possession of pop culture junkies, must be in want of a good quiz, here's Joe quizzing Amy and Randy about first lines of novels.

The full episode will be up later this week; sorry, there were technical issues.

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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Robocop (2014)



Directed by:  José Padilha

Written by: Joshua Zetumer

I'll give it points for trying to be about something and trying to be about something current (in this case, the use of drone technology that separates us from the cost of our actions in military and police situations), but this is in the end just another remake with a couple of new wrinkles to enjoy (like having Murphy's family still be around, as well as Gary Oldman as a sympathetic scientist).  Not bad, not great, but a decent Saturday-afternoon-if-it-happens-to-be-on TNT movie.  (The violence is so toothless on it's own, much less compared to the original, that it might as well be a Lazer Tag match.)


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Buffy Rewatch: In Your Eyes

Season 4's storyline gets boring with "The I in Team" and "Goodbye Iowa", but then an old friend visits in "This Year's Girl" and "Who Are You".

"You're not going to kill these people."
"Why not?"
"Because it's wrong."

Watching these four episodes (two pairs of episodes, really) back to back just serves to highlight how uninteresting the main arc of season 4 has become. By the end of "Goodbye Iowa", Maggie Walsh is dead, at the hand of Adam, her Frankenstein's Monster-like creation. The Initiative is in disarray, Riley is completely disillusioned, Adam is on the loose and attempting to recruit assorted demons for his army or whatever, and frankly, no one cares.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Episode 24 - This One Is Stacked!

This week, Libraries and Librarians!  We talk ordering systems, the philosophy of trying to keep everything, how libraries can disappear and of course, how to look fabulous when becoming a librarian in 1990s New York.  The movie was 1995's Party Girl and the book was Alberto Manguel's The Library At Night.

Also discussed:  The Witches Of East End, Obvious Child, The Astronaut Wives Club, From The Earth To The Moon, In The Shadow Of The Moon, Ex Libris, The To-Do List.

For the next episode, Amy chose the theme; we'll be talking "The Summer That Changed Everything."  We'll be watching 2013's Prince Avalanche (which is streaming on Netflix) and reading Stephen King's "The Body" (which is collected in Different Seasons).

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Show Notes:

Amy refers to high heels for books so that they would be the same height on shelves; that was not Johnson but Samuel Pepys, whose library is still maintained at Magdalene College at Cambridge.

I refer to Jorge Luis Borge's at one point and mention a story he wrote about an infinite library.  That is "The Library Of Babel," which is available here.

The essay that Amy references on actors and range & actors who have that one great groove is here.

Intro music:  "Swinging Long," by The Magnetic Fields

Outro music: "Librarian", by Morning Jacket

Monday, July 14, 2014

Extra: Quiz Time 1. On the lips or on the shelves?

As a podcast extra, Amy quizzes Joe and Randy on their knowledge of pulp fiction and cosmetics. Listen to the quiz to test yourself and then check out the answer key.

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