Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Episode 40 - Happ Birthda

Our original recording date for this episode was Amy's birthday and since she had the theme, she chose "Birthdays."

Joe had us read Jhumpa Lahiri's The Namesake and Randy picked a movie that he had not seen, but that Amy and Joe had (thus inverting the usual formula): "Sixteen Candles."

Show notes

  • "Cinderella" (2015) is rated PG for "mild thematic elements." I guess that's a reference to all the orphaning and mistreatment of Cinderella. 
  • This is the leopard print robe in "Cinderella" for which Amy would give an arm. 
  • It's Adam Grosswirth from previously.tv who got me to binge "Once Upon a Time"
  • The "No Man's Woman" scene from "Alias" doesn't seem to be on YouTube, nor is the Joni Mitchell "River" one, but the "Back in Black" one is. (That's such a textbook example of "male gaze" but damn does it work.)
  • Here's the trailer for "Beyond the Lights" which Joe highly recommends.
  • When Joe says he's reading Sex Criminals he really means this collection of comics.
  • If you need about five minutes of bliss, you could do worse than to listen to "Lenny" by Stevie Ray Vaughan, perhaps the most surprising song on the "Sixteen Candles" soundtrack.


Intro: "In Da Club" - 50 Cent
Exit: "If You Were Here" - The Thompson Twins

Next Episode

Randy, inspired by recent zeitgeist-y items "Serial" and "The Jinx" asked for true crime. Joe selected a classic in the genre, similar in tone to both of the titles mentioned, "The Thin Blue Line." Amy decided to take it in a lighter direction with her book choice: Susan Orlean's The Orchid Thief.

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