Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Episode 36 - First Efforts

Joe wanted first efforts, and we obliged.
  • Randy chose Gillian Flynn's debut novel Sharp Objects
  • Amy selected the first directorial effort of Nicole Holofcener: "Walking and Talking"

Show notes

Intro Music: "Go West" by Liz Phair
Exit Music: "Must I Paint You a Picture" by Billy Bragg

  • Randy does, and should, feel guilty about enjoying Jennifer Lopez's latest cinematic effort: "The Boy Next Door" (Trailer)
  • Amy just finished up "Galavant" and her less is a lot less joyful for its absence (watch on Hulu)
  • Joe's recommending "Predestination" a sci-fi thriller of sorts starring Ethan Hawke and his moustache (Trailer)
  • The passage Randy reads from Gillian Flynn's website, can be found on this page
  • Dictionary definition of "effete" complete with audio at Merriam-Webster (I think I was going for definition C -- Amy)
  • The street in Berlin named Olivaer Platz, which so delighted Amy on her trip to Berlin

  • After about 9 tries, I finally found a clip with someone brave enough to attempt to pronounce Nicole Holofcener's surname. If he's right, we all had it wrong. Listen for yourself.

On the next episode

The Interenet was made for cats (and porn) so next week, because we're, with the exception of Amy's pottymouth, mostly a reputable podcast, we'll be dealing with two works with memorable feline characters: Joe's chosen Alien and Randy has selected Timothy Findley's Not Wanted on the Voyage. (Goodreads)

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